Student elections in the media

We know how the student elections turned out. The leader in the eyes of high school students is PS/Spolu, the parliament would also get ĽSNS
The PS/Spolu coalition would win the student election
More than 59,000 secondary school students can vote in simulated elections

Election 2020: Student election won PS/Spolu, Kotleba finished third

The PS/Spolu coalition won the student election. Kotlebovci finished third, Smer failed

Student election: PS/Spolu is a clear leader, Kotleba third

Gymnasts are experiencing simulated elections, copying parliamentary ones

Students will be able to express their opinion in simulated elections

The simulated elections provided students with valuable information

Students think the European Union is incomprehensible to young people
Simulated Student Elections Decide on Čaputová’s Win (video)

If only high school students were to vote, Čaputová would have gone a long way into the second round

High school students simulated the presidential election. Čaputová won the lead

Already warned against Kotleba, now student elections can bring more surprises
If only high school students vote, Boris Kollár and Marian Kotleba would win
Report of SPŠ TV Poprad about Student elections

If secondary schools were elected, the county elections would have a record turnout

Workshop at M.R. Štefánik in Šamorín

Student elections at the Secondary Vocational School in Senica

Student elections at the Business Academy in Považská Bystrica

    Student elections at       J. A. Rayman Grammar School in Prešov