About the organizers
Responsible for the project:

Simona Stibilová

Martin Kuštek


Matej Nižňan



Natália Zikmundová
Banská Bystrica

Peter Čapkovič

Bratislava Youth Council:

Currently, Student Elections is organized by a team of active students from all over Slovakia under the auspices of the Youth Council of the Bratislava Region.

The RMBRK associates children’s and youth organizations, pupil school councils, youth workers, youth researchers and other youth workers, young leaders, youth leaders and youth volunteers working in the Bratislava region. The interest of young people in RMBRK, who want to improve the situation of young people for themselves in the capital as well as all over Slovakia, is developing projects such as Student Elections, based on common goals and selfless cooperation.

Like the Bratislava Youth Council, Student Elections is a project open to cooperation for every young person with a vision of a free, cultural and democratic society, which is also actively created by young people.

Civic association For high school students:

In 2012, a team of high school students from the Bilingual High School of C. S. Lewis in Bratislava with various interests combined the interest in projects, scholarships and study abroad. Looking for information about these leisure activities and opportunities, each of them spent a great deal of time, so they decided to make it easy for any high school student to summarize the data and provide personally collected information along with personal insights and experiences through a website, public events and personal meetings.
Today, for High School Students, not only an information portal, but also a program of informal educational events in cities across Slovakia, a mentoring program for High School Students Leadership Program and Peer Program Buddík – but above all a community of active students who are not afraid to make a step in Slovakia.

Institute for
public questions:
IVO is an independent center for analysis of public policy issues and
transformation processes. It generates ideas capable of influencing the process of preparing and implementing important social decisions. By publishing its research findings, IVO participates in a debate on important public interest issues. It provides critical professional reflection and opposition to the solutions offered by a variety of social actors.

IVO organized municipal, presidential and European Student Elections 2014.
Cooperation partners: