would students vote?

Even in the 2019/2020 school year, the voice of young people is important.

Enroll your school today in simulated Student Elections.

What are we doing?

We offer students the opportunity to express their opinion.


Nearest student elections:

Parliamentary elections:  4.2.2020 – 7.2.2020, Results

Why are they important?


Express your opinion

Above all, student elections give young people the opportunity to express their views. They support the dialogue on political events in Slovakia and put into practice the lessons of democracy from civics textbooks.



They also contribute to awakening youth interest in their future and the future of Slovakia. We need to tell the young that they care and that they can have their future in their hands. This, too, can be the ultimate effect of the “clean” choices.



Students will gain practical experience in elections, learn how they work and their voices and opinions will be heard. They will be made visible to genuine eligible voters, who often mistakenly believe that young people do not have the competence to comment on politics.



Recent elections have shown youth dissatisfaction with what is happening and have raised the issue of Slovakia’s future in the media. Because it will consist of today’s high school students.

Who organizes the elections?

Volunteer students organize these choices from A to Z, from poster design to evaluation of results for all schools.


I find the event very successful for our students. Although we are a small school, the response was very good. In the election students aroused responsibility, which takes them one step further in adulthood.

Z. Babicová
Súkr. SOŠ, Dolný Kubín

We are already looking forward to the second round. The atmosphere was great, we all enjoyed it. And it was really authentic, even the counting of votes, everything fit for the first time.

PhDr. Olejárová
SZŠ sv. Alžbety, Košice

At least for me, I am very satisfied with the election process. For the first time I felt at least for a moment that I could change something for the better in this country, because I do not have the right to vote yet. The result of the election pleased me. Alone, if I could, I would choose Mr. Čaputová and therefore I am glad that it is the young people’s choice no. 1. Thank you for your initiative to take care of this.

SOŠ MIŠ, Bratislava

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